pultrusionPultrusion Mining is a division of Pultrusion Technique inc., It distinguishes itself with copper and zinc refineries by developing and manufacturing the most durable, resistant and unique electrolytic cells and hydro-metallurgical capping boards that reduce costs and improve productivity of refiners.

SINCE 1966 Pultrusion Technique manufactures a wide range of custom-built FRP structural products, holds multiple patents and boasts unique pultrusion and stratified composite processes. We manage an ongoing research and development program which results in continuous improvement throughout all aspects of our operations.

Pasar Client Satisfaction


We cannot improve our client products and process if they are not satisfied. We strive to be among the best supplier of our clients and it works for Pasar and many others.


Our success is based on more than 50 years of ongoing R&D and improvement of industrial processes. Sound scientific methodology, instrumented technical research, quality assurance and an experienced team are truly reflected in our products. Our in-depth knowledge of resins, chemistry of polymers, manufacturing techniques, matrices, machining, and metal alloys and their mechanical properties, allow us to deliver exceptionally precise solutions.

Our mission is simple: Confirm our leadership in fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites with products of unparalleled quality for our clientele. We are committed to developing innovative concepts of high technological performance and unmatched durability, at the best possible price.

Our know-how is continually sought after to meet the most sophisticated needs of each and every one of our clients, while increasing productivity, efficiency, reliability, safety and profitability of their business.

Research and development of new applications and industrial processes is an integral part of our commercial curriculum and daily operations.

We offer our employees a dynamic work environment. Their knowledge, skills and outstanding quality of work ensure excellence in all our sectors of activity.



Our positive and constructive relationships with all our employees and partners are based on mutual trust and respect. We have an unwavering commitment to staying true to our entrepreneurial culture and our values.

  • We strive for excellence in everything we do, as well as in our relations with clients, suppliers and colleagues
  • We work as a team, cooperate closely and acknowledge everyone’s contribution
  • We encourage and value innovative ideas to maintain our high standard of excellence