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Damaged Cell Removal Kit

Our solution to replace damaged cells

We are proud to have come up with our unique solution to replace damaged cells using an innovative inside lifting system. Our cell removal kit can be used to replace all types of cells with different geometry and weight, no matter the typical lack of access from the sides or the bottom.

The solution was developed to address the challenges, safety concerns, and substantial operational costs related to the maintenance and replacement of electrolytic cells. Handling electrolytic cells that are located in too close proximity to each other is time-consuming, which means loss of production and profit. 

The old problem
of replacing a damaged cell

At the time of replacement, the cell has to be unbounded from the others, sometimes using heavy-duty equipment.

Also, there would be other challenges, such as:

–  the insufficient space between cells to pass cables, straps, or other equipment
–  limited space between the cell and the overhead traveling
–  weight of the cell in terms of stability and maneuvering control.

A system that can adapt to fit your needs

Electrolytic Cells produced by Pultrusion Technique Inc. are equipped with an internal mechanism for easy lifting from the top or the ends. However, for those who don’t have Pultrusion’s cell with embedded reinforcement in their walls, we have developed this inside anchor assembly to provide anchorage to any cell model, and to make it connectable to any lifting accessory, device, or equipment. 

Performance Validation for the Proposed Solution

The performance of our solution was validated via Full-Scale Testing as well as Finite Element Analysis, which is an advanced computer technique for the duplication of real-world conditions using software analysis. This method is used to evaluate the strength of the components so that alternative solutions or systems can be tested to ensure we manufacture the best possible high-performance, cost-effective products.

The inside lifting system is designed with a Safety Factor of 6. This means, pultruded fiberglass straps and their bonding performance are rated at a level 6 times the weight of the cell. This is backed up by a second part of the system, elastic orange straps that offer an Extra Safety Factor of 3.

Replacement is Simplified with our Solution

Our inside lifting option requires almost no space between the cells, nor high overhead travelling cranes with additional straps for safe lifting and manoeuvring.

The lifting system is designed with dynamic load distributed evenly and results in a balanced condition with no tilting, rotating, pivoting, or sliding. This is an optimized design that reduces hazards such as breakage and damage to equipment and machinery, while also reducing costs and simplifying the removal process.

A typical cell removal kit includes the following parts:
- Fiberglass pultruded lifting straps with D hooks
- Fiberglass pultruded bars
- Backup heavy-duty polyester straps
- Steel lifting beam
- Steel connection plates

Our solution to replace damaged cells

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