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Non-ferrous metal refining

Providing Innovative
and Sustainable Solutions

Our products are used in the electrowinning (EW) and electrorefining (ER) of non-ferrous metals such as zinc and copper, where they are a critical part of the purification process. Adaptive to what our customers need, we innovate by developing new and sustainable solutions to tackle some of the most challenging issues in today’s industry. For all our technologies, we design our first prototypes to work on the worst-case scenarios, and based on those, we further develop optimized heavy-duty components for non-ferrous metals.

We have also developed a new generation of products that are able to noticeably reduce the energy consumption of the refinery process.

Hydrometallurgy Electrolytic Cells

Hydrometallurgy Electrolytic Cells

Our electrolytic cells are designed to resist thermal variations, thermal shock, short-circuits, and chemical attacks.

We offer you a solution to reduce your operational costs significantly with these no-maintenance and easy-to-replace cells.

We have redefined the design method of electrolytic cells by introducing a dual-hull system for cell design, which makes us able to design cells that have higher rigidity and are extremely light-weight, just a fraction of the weight of traditional cells on the market. Lighter cells means easier handling which makes the lowers operational costs.

Equipotential Insulators

Designed to fit at the length of your cells

Designed to fit the length of your cells, the very high level of precision of our insulators, from the first to the last electrode, ensures their permanent alignment, resulting in an increase in the quantity and purity of refined metals and a substantial reduction in short circuits. These insulators, also known as capping boards, are designed and manufactured in a unique process, resulting in a quality that is hard to compete with and unmatched in the world market.

Equipotential Insulators
Damaged Cell Removal Kit

Damaged Cell Removal Kit

An innovative inside lifting system

A unique solution for removing damaged cells in cellhouses, that is adaptable to any type of cell with various configurations, unlike the traditional methods. This new method relies on the strong bond between fiberglass straps and concrete using ultra-performance bonding and adhesive agents. It is invented to bring exceptional advantages such as:

  • easy adaptability
  • elimination of the need for a shutdown
  • reliable use even in situations like a limited overhead height.

Ultra-High Durability Is Our Expertise

We make our products with the concept of ultra-high reliability, which implies long life and high value for our clients. Considering the harsh environment of metal refinery sites that these products are designed for, we utilize in-house formulations of chemical mixes as well as fine-tuned curing processes that have been developed over the years to enhance the mechanical properties and, hence, the durability of the products. Every product undergoes rigorous inspection and testing to ensure that the reliability of our products is not a question but a proven fact. 

With these approaches, we have been able to design parts that can withstand high temperatures and corrosive environments, often for more than 20 years.

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